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17 September 1983
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.name: Nausicaa

.gender: Female

.born: 17th September

.graduated in: Archaeology

.living in: Venice, Italy

.real life warning: I've lost all my family, and I'm living with breast cancer. I frequently talk about my chemo treatments. If that's triggering for you, this is probably not the right journal to visit.

.I'm an atheist. I'm left-winged. I'm a pacifist. I'm pro divorce, gay marriage, and pro-choice. I don't care if you don't agree with me, I'll respect your beliefs, but please respect mine too.

.I love making music videos. I was a member of J&P Productions , since 2004 up until spring 2009. To watch my videos you can visit my profile on YouTube

. anime : fullmetal alchemist, princess tutu, puella magi madoka magica, attack on titan, cowboy bebop, wolf's rain, gankutsuou, full metal panic, everything by miyazaki and satoshi kon

. movies : seriously, too many to count. I love watching movies, my dvd collection is getting too big for my living room, and I love talking about cinema.

. manga : berserk, blade of the immortal, tegami no bachi, naruto, d.gray-man, nodame cantabile, kuroshitsuji, everything by clamp, kaori yuki and ai yazawa

. books : jim butcher, rick riordan, ben aaronovitch, philip pullman, neil gaiman, andrea camilleri, fedor dostoevskij, emilio salgari, michael ende, cornelia funke and many, many others.

. tv shows : gravity falls, steven universe, the flash (2014), brooklyn 99, moone boy, over the garden wall, vicious, north & south (bbc), the hour (uk), blackadder, miranda, life on mars//ashes to ashes, scrubs, pushing daisies, avatar the last airbender

. radio shows : cabin pressure, john finnemore's souvenir programme

. games : kingdom hearts, child of light, heavy rain, assassin's creed 2, dragon age, any final fantasy game I could put my hands on, okami, professor layton, journey

. comics : the watchmen, the sandman, house of m, hawkeye, captain marvel, fables

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. links : my tumblr, my youtube profile, my Ao3 profile

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