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News news news!

The good news is, the chemo goes perfectly, so I just started the third month of it. I saw my oncologist and she was very happy with my progress but she also apologized for the side effects that can be a bit nauseating. Other than that, I spent 13 hours in a ER on saturday (had to go there by ambulance, which was super scary) because of a ferocious panic attack. Thank you, stupid body. They did all kinds of exams and then sent me home at 1 am. The day after that the friend of mine who keeps Sakura when I'm here sent me a video of Sakura purring. I started crying, my aunt hugged me and told me she was contacting my friend to bring Sakura here and we were all going to get used to a pet in the house. I almost lost it again! I'm officially a Piedmont citizen now!

So then Francesca ordered a bunch of stuff online, blankets and toys and most Simon's Cat branded, and my uncle put nests all over the balcony, all while telling the neighbours' cat the fun is over. That's because she loved walking inside our bedrooms through the windows and hiding under the beds. There's a new Queen in town, kitty!

I also have a new therapist while I'm here, I'm going to meet her next friday. Let's cross fingers! It was my therapist's idea, she says I need someone to talk to here too. I'm not saying she's wrong, it's just scary.

So that's it for me, Sakura is coming in three days! \o/

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