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"Take a moment and think of just flexibility, love and trust."

More news! First, the antidepressants I'm taking are working: they're meant to start showing the effects after a month, and this week, right on time, I started feeling looser and more relaxed. I finally found a therapist here (my therapist is all the way back in Venice) and I got an appointment for next week.
I met a new oncologist last week (well, new to me) and I love her. She explained every little side effect to me, gave me a new anti-nausea medicine, and then we even had a little conversation about Venice. The side effects are still very weak, and that new medicine is really helping with the nausea.
We have some land in the country, 15 minutes from our house, where my uncle grows vegetables and keeps seven chickens, with fresh air and deers walking by. Everyday I try to spend at least one hour there, sitting under the cherry tree while my uncle works. My aunt has started accompanying me, and she's really enjoying how relaxing it is. Although it can also be scary! The other day we were picking currant (so delicious) when she moved a plastic bottle that was standing on a old metal pole by the currant bushes. Problem was, the bottle cotained a wasp nest, and she only managed to scream at me to run away before she got bit. I got really scared and then washed the bite with water from my plastic bottle. Then my uncle arrived and got a bucket of ice-cold water from the well and after washing her arm in it she finally felt better. I splashed along enjoying how cold the water was. Then yesterday my cousin Marco came armed with anti-wasp poison and killed all three nests (yes, there were three of them).
What else? My sight is still weird, so I'm not reading much. I'm watching cartoons, listening to music, spending time with my aunt, helping Francesca with her graduation thesis. I'm trying to be calm and relaxed. And stay away from wasps. ^^
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