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June update!

A new month starts, with good news all around! Yesterday I had the first check-up after I started the new chemo, and it went brilliantly. The side effects are so bland I sometimes have a hard time differentiating them from normal stuff, and most of the time I don't have them at all. The doctor doing the check-up was the same one who, when I had brain metastasis and was in awful pain, told me on the phone that it was the flu, to take paracetamol and stop calling (without telling my oncologist I had called), and boy, my oncologist must have screamed at her a lot because of that, because she was extra sheepish. When she asked me on which day I had started radiotherapy, Francesca told her off for not remembering, since "she should know when Valentina had to be admitted into the ER". It was glorious. :D I'm really bad at telling people off, but thankfully Francesca, my aunt and Tati are great at it.

So today I started the second cycle, and as usual the only bad aspect of it is that the pills are really sour and I have to eat a small piece of chocolate afterwards. Woe is me. :D

In other news, I just bought the Steven Universe soundtrack and it is glorious!!! The audio quality is incredible, and it's really hard not to sing along, but I'm sitting right next to Francesca who's working on her thesis, so I must restrain myself.

And two days ago I got a care package from space_oddity_75 in the mail, full of things I love, it was amazing! There was a lot of squealing and impromptu dancing. :D
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