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"They dug me my very own garden, gave me sunshine, made me happy."

A lot of things happened these last few days! On the 12th I had a visit with my oncologist, who gave me a new chemo to do, and this time it's pills. I have to take them everyday until the next visit, June 1st, and if everything's going smoothly we'll do three cycles and then the pet scan and see if it's working like it should. Then they'll decide how many months it has to last. The first turn is always the nerve-wrecking one because it's the one where you learn how the side effects work on your specific body, and which days are the bad ones. We're all watching me like hawks. So far I only got a bit of one side effect, the irritated mouth. Except it was only the tip of my tongue, as if I had drunk hot tea and scalded it, and today it was already over. I took notes and then played Radiohead on my ukulele to celebrate. ^^

I've been walking a lot everyday to build my strength back. I say "a lot" by my standards, where walking uphill for ten minutes is huge progress, but hey, I couldn't even walk last month! These muscles are soft and useless. The other good news is, I've gained weight! I was 48 kilos when I had those two days of coma, and now I'm 56 and counting! My goal is 60, crossing fingers my body wants to cooperate. I even ate a McDonalds whole meal last week!

And next friday Francesca's boyfriend is coming to visit, I can't wait! We get along splendidly, and I really love the idea of a friend coming to visit! \o/
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