August 4th, 2017

<ashes to ashes> real love

Health update

News! The pet scan went well, and the visit too. They suspended the chemo, those pills, because the side effects were too hard on my body. It's the second day of it, and I already feel better. Plus no more barfing! Next week they'll decide if starting another cycle or doing something different. I'm hoping for something different, to be honest. Other than that, we're having a heatwave, and Sakura is suffering from it too. My aunt's house doesn't have air conditioning, so it's really hard to endure. She spends her days sleeping under the table where the tiles are cold.

Today I was alone all day, so I watched cartoons, played on my phone, and then watched my favourite tv programme ("Cook and Live" or "Il Mondo In Tavola" on Marcopolo) while eating tomatoes. I don't have an appetite back, but it still felt better than usual. I can't wait to feel hungry again!

Sidenote, I allways read all your posts, just find it hard to write. ^^"