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17 September 2016 @ 12:09 pm
Well guess what, I did it. Today I turn 33, I made it! The other day I met with my oncologist, and I thanked her for getting me to my birthday, and she was so moved and hugged me and wished me happy birthday. By the way, the exams show the new medicine is working, so next tuesday I'm leaving for two weeks back home. \o/

Yesterday I recieved my first birthday gift, a wonderful care package from space_oddity_75, with biscuits and tea and jelly beans and toblerones (even the white one!), so today I had breakfast with proper British tea, I was so happy! I'm saving the jammie dodgers for when I come back though. *_____* And my aunt baked me a cake, with pineapple and kiwis and peaches!

It's been one of the hardest years of my life, but I survived it, and I'm here. I'm really proud of myself. ^^
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First things first, I want to thank you all for always leaving me comments on my entries. It's sometimes really hard to answer because I get all wrapped up in my own head, but I cherish them all so very very much. It's hard to explain how important it is to know you're still in your friends' thoughts. So, thank you. ♥

Brief medical update: this new medicine seems to be working. It's only been two weeks and not full dosage yet, but it looks like it's doing his job. I'm being cautiously optimistic. Yesterday I was supposed to have the usual pet scan to check things out, but the super expensive machine broke, and they called me to say they had to postpone my appointment. So there's that. Either way next tuesday I'll do the first full dose of this new awesome medicine, so I'm very excited. Then it's my birthday, and after that I wanted to go back home for a couple of weeks, but now with having to wait for them to fix that machine all my plans have been derailed. We'll see.

And now fandom update because I do tend to only talk about my illness and meds and I need to work on that. So, let's see. I read Gone Girl, got traumatized. It is a great novel, although I'm not sure if it's really misogynistic or not. Some parts definitely are. But it's true that we never get true sociopathic female villains either. I don't know, it is confusing. I think... it is feminist to want female villains instead of always good, always kind, always nurturing women, but the way this particular character is evil is deeply feminine, in a way that's very misogynistic. At least that's what I got from it.

Last weekend we took a trip to the Alps! It was so foggy it looked like Silent Hill, but I was super excited because I hadn't been so high up (1880m!) since I was a kid, and I took lots of pictures with my phone that ended up looking like location scouting for a Wuthering Heights movie. It was fun though. :D

And I had a haircut! My hair has been growing like a pumpkin patch, so it was time to give it a proper shape. I really love how it looks, it's short and spunky. And even a bit curly in the back, which is completely new. ^^

I've been watching a few movies off my To-See folder (Argo, Spotlight, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zisshou, Lars and The Real Girl), but they were all sort of really depressing. I need to scout Netflix for something lighter and funnier! Suggestions are always welcome. ;)

I promise I'll try to update more often, and keep my life front and center, and not let the illness always take the spotlight. Love you all!
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26 August 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Here's an update: I have two medical exams in September, but today my oncologist checked my breast, said the illness is indeed progressing as we feared, and she changed my meds on the spot. I had to wait a couple of hours but they sent the new medicine up, and luckly I'm not allergic to it (remember the first chemo? good times), so today we officially started this new phase.

Technically it's not chemo, as it's still immunotherapy and has no side effects, but it's halfway there so I'm going to call it chemo to save time. I'm feeling fine, no stomachache, no aching joints, nothing. I feel a bit down, but the oncologist was very optimistic. She said it's a very new, very effective and very expensive medicine. It's only me and three other women, so I'll join them on the same day every three weeks, so that the hospital can order just one batch. Next one is on 13 September, then I have three free weeks with no side effects. I'll celebrate my birthday here with my family and then go back to Venice to celebrate it with Tati.

So this is what happened. New meds, new phase, same old fighting attitude. ^^
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I'm back! It's been some month. The shady thing was indeed shady, and I was supposed to start that new cycle of chemo a couple of weeks ago, but then I told my oncologist I've been feeling a lot better lately, and stronger, and she decided to wait another month, do more tests, and then see. Me, I've accepted the idea I need to do that new chemo and I've stopped worrying about it. I jumped back on a train and came back home in Venice to enjoy a couple of weeks of holiday before I have to go back, and start the whole process of being poked and prodded and turned inside out like a sock all over again.

I spent the first week alone at home, for the first time since this whole thing started a year ago. It was amazing and surreal, to feel strong and healthy enough not to need someone taking care of me, being able to do things like grocery shopping and cleaning the floors and so on without breaking a sweat. Last friday I had the first therapy session since last September; I've been keeping in touch with my therapist daily ever since, obviously, but this was the first actual session. I needed it so much. On monday I went to the beach with Tati and her mom and we spent the most lovely day together. Yesterday Tati and I went to the cinema to watch Star Trek Beyond, which we both loved a lot, and we've been playing Life Is Strange together. What a beautiful game! Very heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, but amazingly written and acted, wow.

And all the while I've been trying to catch Pokemon everywhere I go. Turns out downtown Venice has a lot of pokestops but almost no actual pokemons. Weird.

So this has been July for me.
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Sorry for disappearing on you, but it's been a crazy month. I had the usual pet scan, and most things look great and one thing looks, in their words, 'shady'. So I got another big scare, and had to do a lot of additional exams, including a very, very painful one that got me stuck in bed for two days straight afterwards. It was awful. Now we're waiting for the results next week, then I'll either keep going on with the meds I'm already doing, or start a new chemo cycle. Which sucks. But they told me that even if we have to do option B it'll be a very mild chemo, with basically no side effects and great results. Which sucks a lot less.

As soon as I felt better I hopped on a train back home: I had to take my mind off it, and see Tati and hug my cat. I've been here since saturday and I feel a lot better. Today I woke up with a mild cold, because that always happens to me with air conditioning (back at my aunt's place we're on the mountains, so there's no need for it, but here in Venice it's obligatory).

To take my mind off everything that's happened I decided to do something I should have done years ago and bought a Rooster Teeth membership, so that I can watch new Red vs Blue episodes the day they're released. And pay the creators back too. The new episode was mindblowingly amazing and so worth it!

So this has been my month so far. The doctors say it's perfectly normal, having to adjust the therapy constantly, but to me it's still been kind of a shock. I like routine, thank you very much. Next week we'll see if we actually have to do that or not, and then I'll probably come back here after the 20th. My aunt is spending a whole month with her mom, my cousin is staying in Ireland with her boyfriend until well into September, and both my uncle and other cousin work all day. I don't mind spending time alone, but that would be a bit too much.

Updates will follow when they finally tell me something. Until then I'll be on the couch hugging my cat.
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Health update, I'm feeling a lot better! First of all, thanks for all the lovely messages on my last post, you made my day and week, I wish I could hug you all! The good news is, I'm back home until tuesday. I was feeling better, and I had lots of stuff to do (mainly taxes). Plus I really missed my best friend. And my cat. Yesterday I woke up with a cold, because the weather is crazy and my immune system isn't up to par yet, but other than that I'm really enjoying not having to worry about that stupid cvc ever again. And my nails have started to grow again, although very slowly. I'm finally getting the chemo out of my system!

From a mental point of view, things are a little murkier. It's great to be back home, but it also feels very weird. Everything is exactly the same as I left it, but I feel like a completely different person. It's jarring. It'll take me some time to get used to it again. Next wednesday I have another PET, to check if the cure is still working. I do feel fine, but I'm still really scared. It can't be helped, I guess. On the 17th it's immunotherapy time again, then I'm free for three weeks. So unless they schedule another visit/exam for the end of the month, I'll probably come back here for another couple of weeks. This is going to be my life for a while.

Not everything feels weird though. Sakura cuddles me constantly, and on my second day here I made sea salt ice cream and it came out perfect. I'm very proud of myself! And Tati came to stay here with me, which always makes me incredibly happy. I've been watching cartoons, playing videogames, and eating ice cream. It's been a great holiday. ^^
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19 May 2016 @ 07:46 pm
So you've probably wondered where I disappeared to. I was in the hospital for the last ten days. Three days after the latest trip to the hospital I developed a crazy fever, vomit, shaking, the works, and had to be rushed to the first aid. I spent a few hours there hooked to liquids, and just when it looked like I was getting better, I had a sort of seizure and stopped breathing for a few minutes. Which, by the way, was so terrifying it has now exacerbated my claustrophobia. Hurrah. So they did all their tests and it turned out I had one of those nasty infections people get in hospitals, super bacteria, because of course I did. I spent a whole week with a high fever, in horrible pain, and getting food and drink from drips because I couldn't eat anything without throwing up. I started feeling better last sunday, and today they let me go home so I can go do the usual immunotherapy tomorrow, since I skipped one with the fever and all.

I'm still feeling weak, but a lot better. At least the appetite is back. I had planned to go back home last week, I already had the train tickets and all, but that had to be postponed. The good news is, on monday I got surgery and they removed the cvc, which was the cause of the infection. So at least I don't have that anymore. I was so scared of the possibility of an infection because of that stupid thing, and all the doctors said it was so rare I shouldn't have worried, and then it happened.

So now the plan is, eat a lot of good food, avoid closed spaces, and maybe I can go back home for a week in June. I miss my cat.
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Guess what I just did!!! I just bought tickets to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert in London, on 24th March 2017!!!

That's huge for a number of reasons, mostly because I'm making plans a year from now, because my health has improved so much I actually can. My therapist is going to be so proud. It's going to be Tati, my cousin Francesca, and me in London, in the same hall as Yoko Shimomura. I'm freaking out! That's one of my favourite composers ever, in one of my favourite cities ever, with Tati and Francesca, it's a dream come true!

Seriously, somebody pinch me right now. *____*
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First of all, a big hug to all of you always leaving me wonderful messages! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved, you're the best!

Health update, the side effects are basically over, although I still get tired easily, as the meds will still be in my system for another week. Yesterday, for the first time since this all started, I went shopping on my own. First I went to the hospital to change the bandages on the cvc, then I went to the pharmacy, then to the farmers' market. It was a lovely sunny day, the air was crisp and cold, and I did it all by myself. It felt amazing! I'm slowly winning my old life back, one step at a time. \o/

I also bought a train ticket for the 12th, when I'm going back home for a week. I'm so excited! This time there won't be no side effects slowing me down, I'll even be able to go downtown to the Lush store, and the Disney store, I can't wait!

And now, as promised, fandom news! A couple of weeks ago they released Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi in North America. I downloaded the apk, and I've been happily playing it ever since. I set up a party, and having so much fun! The only downside is, it consumes battery life like there's no tomorrow, so I always try to play connected to a power outlet.

Last November I started watching Rick and Morty. I stopped after three episodes, not really feeling it. Then recently I read both the creators of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls praising it on twitter, so I decided to give it another go. And I loved it. As it turns out, I just had to wait until the Meeseeks and Destroy episode. I loved how they explore sci-fi concepts, like multiple universes and hive minds, in a new and unique way. And I love, LOVE the fact that it's set in a universe with no god. As an atheist, I really wish there were more shows exploring the universe as ruled by chaos, instead of always having some fate/religion/destiny plot. It's refreshing.

I also watched all the Erased anime. It's one of the best series I've ever seen. And so devastating. I cried once an episode, no kidding. And I loved it to pieces.

I promise I'll try writing more frequently now that I'm feeling better. ♥
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21 April 2016 @ 04:57 pm
Here I am! Sorry for the wait but the side effects this time around were vicious. No wonder this was the last time, my body literally could not have endured another one. I spent saturday night hugging the toilet, and these meds do not even cause nausea, that's how bad it was. And I spent the last 48 hours with diarrea. After the chemo last wednesday everything ached and hurt for five days straight. My aunt cut what was left of my super short hair two days ago, and now I'm a happy billiard ball who's not shedding everywhere anymore. I still have a couple of weeks left before the effects wear off, but the bad ones should be finally behind me, and the hair should start growing back by late May. I lost my eyebrows too, which makes me look like a puzzled owl.

It was obviously worth it, don't get me wrong, but I'm so glad it's over.

Fandom post to follow because now I have to run since it's herbal tea time, with a slice of my favourite cake that my aunt made this morning before work because I've been feeling so bad. I am being so spoiled here, you have no idea. :D
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10 April 2016 @ 05:41 pm
Sorry for disappearing again, it's just been a busy couple of weeks! I had the most wonderful time back at home in Venice, even with all the usual side effects. My aunt stayed for the weekend, then Tati took her place as De Facto Mom, cooking me meals, reminding me to take my meds, and basically spoiling me rotten. The wonderful siblings who own the cat pension drove all the way to my house to bring me Sakura, and she recognized me instantly and acted as if we hadn't been separated for almost six months. There was a lot of purring, a lot of head-butting, and we spent the whole time curled up together. My therapist came to visit, and it took a serious effort not to hug her the whole time. We ate pastries and she took pictures of my cat and it was awesome.

I also played a lot of videogames on my ps4, we watched ice skating championships on tv, binge-watched Gravity Falls, and the remote was mine all mine (I basically turned into Gollum there), and I took long long showers while listening to loud videogame music. To summarize, I lived the single life for two weeks. I love my family a lot, but I missed being the master of my own space. And bathroom. :D

Thus refreshed I took the train back home all by myself, carried my suitcase, and it wasn't tiring or anything. I'm so proud of myself. ^^

And now drumroll because next wednesday comes the eight and final chemo. After that it's immunotherapy every three weeks forever, but that doesn't have side effects and doesn't need premedication. This is the last time with the side effects, the pains, stomachache, hairloss, and now my stupid nails are falling too and my fingertips all feel weird and I keep dropping things. Well, no more of that! Just one more round, and it's over! My uncle has the champagne ready, and I'm so excited I can't think of anything else. *______*

(There's also a bunch of fandom stuff I want to write about here, but I'll save it for another entry)
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Guess where I am right now!


On wednesday I had the seventh chemo, then on the day after my aunt and I caught the train, and 9 hours later I was in my beloved flat in Venice, first time in six months. Yesterday the two wonderful people who've been taking care of Sakura all this time brought her here, and there's Tati too and I'm so ecstatic. Obviously this is going to be a short visit (I'm going back on April 5th), but it's the first of many. My oncologist was very supportive, and she was obviously right: today is the second day of chemo effects, and I'm feeling better than I dared hope! Being back home improved my mood so much my body is reacting accordingly and it's just one happy loop! Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love living with them, but I missed my home and my cat so much. *_____*

I'm spending the weekend insidee, what with the side effects and everything, but next week I'll try taking a few strolls downtown, shopping at the Disney Store, stuff like that. My aunt is going back on tuesday, since she has to go back to work, but Tati is staying here to tak care of me, so I'm going to be spoiled rotten just like back at home with my aunt and uncle. :D
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05 March 2016 @ 10:58 am
I got big news. On tuesday I had a pet scan, the first one after three months of chemo. I was hopeful, but very nervous. After two days my oncologist rang me on the phone to tell me she'd just read the results, and they were great. I cried, I was stunned, I'm just not used to getting good news from oncologists, I just didn't know what to do with my emotions.

Yesterday I had the sixth chemo, and my first visit with my main oncologist (same one from the phonecall) ever since last November. She told me my reaction to this cure has been amazing, and we have to hope it'll go on like this. She added a few new meds to my cure - a shot I have to take every four weeks forever, sort of like insulin, and some vitamins and calcium to strengthen those bones we just finished cleaning up. She told me we'll do eight chemotherapy infusions, because I've endured the side effects amazingly and so we don't have to stop with this one. Cue huge sigh of relief.

So in conclusion, I'm doing great, I'm getting more miraculous meds that make me feel so much better, and I have no idea what I'm feeling. I feel happy, and scared, and confused, and it's all a weird smoothie of emotions. My therapist is super busy this weekend, but she promised me she'll call me as soon as she can. Until then I'm hiding under the covers listening to Gravity Falls fanmixes and eating chocolate.

Also I didn't set myself on fire this morning. I call it a success. :D
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My hand is doing a lot better. I have a weird set of little orange scars in the shape of my fingerprints on my palm, but otherwise it doesn't hurt and it works perfectly. Yesterday I went to my weekly check-up of the cvc, and when I sheepishly told the nurse what had happened, she replied "those who have nothing happening to me are those who do nothing in their lives". I was so thrown back, I was expecting her to scold me! And I loved her reasoning. *____*

Other than that I've been having the usual side effects: the muscles and bones hurt less, but this time around it's the intestines that have taken the blunt of it. Each new infusion has a different reaction, it's so true. I'm eating yogurt and waiting patiently for the week to be over, as usually the side effects don't last more than 8 days.

Something monumental happened this past week, and it's the Gravity Falls finale. I loved it so much. Three years of my life I was on this wonderful journey, and the finale was the perfect conclusion to it. I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I cried again. I have lots of thoughts about it, but I also don't want to spoil it, so if you want to talk about it in the comments, I'm here! \o/

I also started a Gravity Falls marathon the other day, and I'm already at Carpet Diem. So many memories!
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13 February 2016 @ 07:32 pm
The fifth chemo yesterday went smoothly. The best part was halfway through when I went to the bathroom, and bumped into my oncologist, who I hadn't seen since November (I have a main oncologist assigned, and then do check-ups every three weeks with the junior doctors). She asked me how I was doing, and was so ecstatic to see how well I was she asked me to come into her office and talk for a few minutes. I thanked her for saving my life, and she was so happy, and I was so happy, and it was a loop of joy! Then she booked me a pet scan for 1 March: not my favourite exam ever (I need to fast all day), but hey, it's the best exam possible, so I'm not complaining.

The rest of the day went great, and I became fast friends with two other patients in my room. I always meet new people and I always make new friends everytime I go. ^^

Then this morning I went and set fire to myself. Yep. I was drowsy from yesterday's meds, and I put the kettle on, and turned around while standing too close to the open flame, and the back of my pyjama jacket took fire. Luckly I'm very cool under pressure, so I grabbed the shirt and kept it as far away from my skin as possible, bent backwards over the sink and kept it under the water while I ripped the buttons off, because I couldn't take it off from the top without setting what's left of my hair on fire. I sacrificed my right hand, but I had to. Then I woke my cousins up and had them taking me to the ER.

Good news is, I only got a very minor burn, and they gave me a tetanus shot, a wonderful cream, and told me my reaction had been amazing and saved my back. During all this I was more scared about my aunt's reaction than anything else. She got angry, scared, and then cut me off using the kitchen for a month. Only microwave for me. I really can't argue with that.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy because of the vaccine, but nothing bad. Chemo side effects should kick in tomorrow, so that's going to be fun. Luckly my hand doesn't hurt anymore, I'll try not to sleep on it tonight. And tomorrow I'm staying in bed all day, just watch me!
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11 February 2016 @ 08:11 pm
My family lives in a big flat in a small building. There's an identical flat on the same floor whose owner fell ill, and had to sell it a few months back. We were having dinner and talking about it.

Uncle: Did anyone hear anything about the new owner of M's flat?
Me: Last I heard they'll move in in a couple of weeks.
Aunt: Does anyone know who it is?
Marco: Nope, everyone says something different.
Me: I heard it was going to be a single woman, recently divorced.
Francesca: I heard it was a man.
Marco: It's very mysterious.
Me: ...oh my god we're in the first twenty pages of every novel from the 19th century ever!
Francesca starts laughing.
Aunt: What?
Me: I heard he has an income of £10,000 a year!
Francesca: I heard he never wants to get married, although he is very handsome!
Me: Either one of us gets married by the end of the year, or the house is gonna get super duper haunted!
We both laugh like the nerds we are. I blame the meds. :D
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Managed another update before the next chemo, go me! I'm so lazy when it comes to updating, I know.

First things first, last sunday I managed to take a shower all by myself! My aunt left for the week to take care of her parents (who are over 90, have dementia, and live a thousand kms from here). She was so worried, but I felt like I could do it. I also asked my uncle to sit outside the bathroom in case I tripped and fell, because I'm not dumb. Luckly it all went fine, and I was so proud of myself.

On sunday we had the first snow day of the whole winter! Which is weird considering we live on the mountains. I was so excited I sat for hours at the window taking pictures while everyone else made fun of me. I was born and raised by the sea, snow always fascinates me, I can't help it! Today it's already melting, which is a good thing because on friday I have to be at the hospital by 8 am, and it's already a one-hour-long trip without the snow. I'd rather not show up looking like a zombie because I had to get up at 4 am.

What else? I watched all of Mr Robot in two days. I liked it, although not all of it. I still don't understand what the point of Tyrell even is. Like, why is he in the show at all. He doesn't contribute anything to the plot. I don't get it. And I wasn't expecting them to focus so much on Eliot's mental illness by the end of the show, to the point that all the hacking and revolutioning plot was left off screen. Also Angela was way out of character by the end of the show. I really loved the soundtrack, and the acting.

Yesterday I watched Won't Back Down, a 2012 movie about public school with Viola Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac. I found it hard to follow at times because even after all this time the Americal school system is still hard to understand to me (I just couldn't understand why they couldn't change the school and keep the Union at the same time), but other than that it's a really beautiful movie. Great acting from Ms Davis and Ms Gyllenhaal (like, really stunning), and Oscar Isaac plays an elementary school teacher who plays the ukulele and sings and dances with the kids. He short-circuited my brain everytime he was on screen. I'm trying to focus on the movie, stop being so adorable!

I'm very excited about the Gravity Falls finale next week, I just finished watching the special and I'm trying to prepare myself, but who am I kidding, I'm definitely going to cry like a baby. ^^
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Sorry for the late update! I just forgot. ^^" The fourth chemo went great, the doctor was very positive, and it was a perfectly boring day. The next one is on 12th February, and I have an exam on the 4th to check on the heart. Which is doing perfectly fine anyway. The side effects were pretty tough this time around: I spent the weekend on painkillers in bed, but by tuesday I was doing fine. And the pain in my body (of which there is almost nothing left) keeps on receding, so my mood is always great.

Besides that, my days are wonderfully repetitive: a lot of rest, great food, and family time. I watched all One Punch Man, and I loved it. Equal parts great action and hilarious comedy. I'm planning a Gravity Falls marathon to end in time for the finale in two weeks, and I'm reading a lot. Also listening to a lot of music, mainly classical. I talk with my therapist almost daily, and I bought the Funko BB-8 figure and keep it on my nightstand to cheer me up every morning when I wake up. I downloaded Neko Atsume on my phone and I'm happily collecting kittens. I'm halfway through the chemo (4 out of 8!), and very happy with the progress I'm making. *___*
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Quick update! Next chemo is on wednesday, I keep feeling better every new day. My back is finally fine, there's only the pleurae that still hurt a bit, but even that's receding. I feel stronger and can do stuff like lifting heavy things or walk all day without getting winded. It's like re-discovering my body every dawn. I keep in contact with my therapist every day and we talk at least once a week.

Today my aunt and I went to the local cinema to watch The Force Awakens. It was her first Star Wars movie, and she loved it. Even more than I dared hope. Her favourite character is Rey, and she calls Poe "the hottest guy in the galaxy". She got very maternal with Finn, and she hates Kylo Ren. We're obviously related. ;) She was pissed I hadn't told her it was a trilogy, because she wasn't expecting an open ending and she wanted to see more. :D Me, I loved it even more than the first time. ♥

And now, to bed! Since I'm allergic to the chemo I have to do three days of antihistamine before every infusion, and that means a lot of sleep. Which is great because with the chemo they also give me cortisone, that keeps me awake better than ten shots of espresso. So I get to sleep for three days straight, then I'm caffeinated for two. It's a delightful week. ;)
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11 January 2016 @ 10:38 am

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